Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Business Of Basketball

Jay-Z said it best on his track " u dont know " off the Blue Print album when he says" I'll tell you the difference between me and them/ they trying to get them ones, I'm trying to get them M's(millions),this hustlers mentality that has been perfected in HIP-HOP has crossed over to the NBA. The rings and things you sing about "bring em out", players now want championships more than ever, knowing that winning scoring titles and league MVP awards will not guaruntee there legacy as a Hall Of Fame player like winning championship titles will. Today's NBA players with their swagger,style and business savvy are using this new school technology to market and promote themselves to levels like that of rap icon 50 Cent and are headed " straight to the bank" with it. Turn on the t.v., you can see how they " just do it " , and the way they keep it "G",from YOU TUBE, FACE BOOK,to TWITTER players are making a "milli" with the use of social media . In the words of Pimpin Ken from milwakee, ballers are going from the "ghetto streets to executive suites".Fans are no longer just buying tickets to the games, they're also buying into their favorite players image and lifestyle.In the future, I see the NBA owners and players having a disagreement over length of contracts, no-trade clauses,player options,and salary cap increases. I think more star players that are struggling on bad teams will begin to ask for trades. I can see the major market teams like L.A, New York, Chicago,Miami,Dallas,and Boston attracting and signing the big name free-agents and dominating the rest of the league.I think Lebron set in a motion a new trend for young superstars to team up and play together for less money in order to win championships. At the end of the day basketball is a business,and when it comes to business its about making money,and since its about making money, the players and the owners are going to make the moves that bring them the most money because the bottom line is that basketball is a business.

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