Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do you have a high basketball I.Q.?

What is Basketball I.Q.? Basketball I.Q. is when a player uses the proper fundamentals of the game allowing his thinking ability to defeat the player that is more athletic and stronger. A player with a high I.Q. is very patient on offense. He uses picks effectively, moves well without the ball,looks for mismatches, and creates open shots for teammates.On Defense, a player with a high I.Q. communicates at all times with team, makes offensive player use weak hand,knows who the other teams shooters are, and helps teammates when a player beats them off the dribble. Who are some high I.Q. players? Steve Nash,Tim Duncan,Kobe Bryant,Jason Kidd,Chauncey Billups,Manu Ginobli,Derek Fisher,Pau Gasol,and Dwayne Wade.

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