Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Iverson or T-mac to the Suns ?

Ok, first off, anyone that knows the game of basketball and if they have been paying attention over the last ten years can obviously see that Allen Iverson and Tracy Mcgrady are no longer 40+minutes,30ppg,superstar cailber players in today's NBA. That being said, I believe that given an opportunity in the right system, and im placing a huge emphasis on the word system,specfically the phoenix suns run and gun offensive system, players like Iverson and Mcgrady, while they wont be putting up the kind of numbers that they were in their primes, I believe there is no question that they can be productive New Age role players. I know everyone reading this will agree with me when i say that playing with two-time MVP Steve Nash will you make you better offensive player, especially if you've been a known scorer and offensive threat like Iverson and T-mac have been their entire careers. Now, off the court issues aside here, lets talk about what each player would bring to the table within the Suns run-gun system.

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